We’re pleased to announce that the Project EDWARD podcast has returned with the new title: My role in The Safe System.

For the forthcoming season, we are planning weekly episodes starting Friday 27th October and leading us up to the Project EDWARD Parliamentary Reception.

We will be working hard on presenting content that’s sparkling and compelling – as well as on growing the audience, which we believe should primarily be those with a professional interest in road safety, transport planning, sustainability, active travel, future mobility, etc.

We are also keen to catch up with some of the kind folk who laid on brilliant events last year and who may be willing to provide an update.

You can assist on both counts, so please feel free to put yourself/colleagues/contacts forward as participants, and to share any ideas and do please subscribe and share when we get started.

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Project EDWARD 2023 Review – Find out what the team and our many partners achieved this year

Project EDWARD 2023 saw us embark on a collaborative mission towards safer mobility. The theme revolved around the core principle that safety on our roads is the responsibility of each and every individual. Our goal was to create an environment where everyone understands their role in promoting safety, and where we actively contribute to reducing road collisions and fatalities.

Our sincere gratitude goes to our sponsors, whose unwavering support has made this year’s activity possible. We are especially proud to have National Highways as our headline sponsor. Their strong commitment to safety aligns perfectly with our mission. National Highways recognises the value that Project EDWARD brings to improving the road network and promoting safer driving.

This report serves not only to present the outcomes and achievements of our 2023 activities but also to establish a long-term vision that will guide Project EDWARD’s hands-on approach to road safety engagement in years to come. Guided by the Safe System and assisted by an expanding network of friends, supporters and sponsors, we believe there are significant opportunities as we collaborate with partners to reduce the number of lives lost in road traffic collisions.

Thank you all for your continued support.

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