39 Police forces are supporting #ProjectEDWARD.
Here’s what they’re looking for…

Van Speed Limits


Many van drivers are unaware that car derived vans and panel vans are subject to different speed limits on different roads. Additionally, many are asked to meet unrealistic work schedules that may encourage speeding.

Enforcement Tyres


5 million MOTs have been missed during lockdown including 1.2 million vans. About a third of vans fail their MOT first time round so that means 400,000 vans could be on the road that are officially legal but likely to require critical maintenance for issues such as bald tyres, broken lights, faulty suspension and worn brakes.

Enforcement Fatigue


Highways England has provided technology to 26 Police forces to support them with drivers’ hours checks. Since January 2017, over 24,000 vehicle checks have identified more than 25,000 individual offences.

Enforcement Loading


Initiatives around the country have highlighted vans that were dangerously overloaded, and open flatbed trucks with loose items in the back such as plant, wheelbarrows and power tools. One of the worst examples including three saws without blade covers and not strapped down in any way. One recent initiative found an average of two offences per vehicle/driver.

Enforcement Driver Behaviour

Driver Behaviour

Since April 2015, Highways England has funded and coordinated Operation Tramline where the Police use an unmarked HGV tractor unit to patrol the Strategic Road Network to capture distracted HGV drivers and private motorists. In November 2017, the number increased to three, with one each covering the North, the Midlands, and the South. Between April 2015 and March 2019, 28 police forces have stopped 8,926 vehicles, detected 10,164 offences and issued 10,560 interventions. The top three offences from this initiative are; mobile phone use, seat belts and not in proper control of the vehicle.

Enforcement Towing

Towing for Work

A multi-agency compliance event conducted at a motorway service area on the M5 checked almost 120 vehicles being used to tow and found a 94% non-compliance rate. Offences included incorrect hitching, no emergency brake cable, insecure loads and overloading, plus unlicensed drivers and use of red diesel.

Police Forces Supporting Project EDWARD

The following police forces are all supporting Project EDWARD and will be running enforcement activities focused on those driving for work.

Bedfordshire Police
Cambridgeshire Police
Cheshire Police
City of London Police
Derbyshire Police
Devon and Cornwall
Durham Police
Dyfed-Powys Police
Essex Police
Gloucestershire Constabulary
Greater Manchester police
Gwent Police
Hampshire Constabulary
Humberside Police
Kent Police
Lancashire Police
Lincolnshire Police
Merseyside Police
Metropolitan police
Norfolk Police
Northamptonshire Police
Northumbria Police
North Wales Police
North Yorkshire Police
Police Scotland
South Yorks Police
South Wales Police
Staffordshire Police
Suffolk Police
Surrey Police
Sussex Police
Thames Valley Police
Warwickshire Police
West Mercia Police
West Yorkshire Police
Wiltshire Police

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