Ever had an emergency vehicle behind you with flashing blue lights and wondered how best to let them past? We’re at Oxfordshire Fire Service headquarters to launch a brand new set of short videos that cover the 10 most common scenarios where you could encounter an emergency vehicle and explain exactly what to do, whether you’re on a country road, approaching a roundabout, or on the motorway. We also look at how responders deal with an accident on the motorway to get you moving again as quickly and safely as possible.

Driving for work and got flashing blue lights behind?

Those who drive for generally do more miles than private motorists and are therefore more likely to encounter an emergency vehicle responding to an incident. We’ve probably all experienced this at one time or another, and we ask ourselves what is the best course of action? Where do they want us to go? Am I expected to go through this red light? What am I supposed to do on a congested motorway?

Blue Light Aware has been the definitive guide on what to do for many years – and for 2020 it has been completely rewritten and a whole new series of videos produced to help drivers understand the correct and safe course of action to take. The new set is being launched as part of Project EDWARD week. Watch the videos so you know what is expected and, if you employ or manage people who drive for work, share the link with them.

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The resource for emergency service vehicle awareness on the roads

Based on guidance contained within the Highway Code, Blue Light Aware is a resource containing short videos and animations, produced on behalf of the emergency services. Their crews rely on the help of other road users when they’re on a ‘blue light’ journey. By taking the time to watch Blue Light Aware you will better understand the needs of emergency drivers, reducing the risks you face; while contributing to a safer road environment. You may also be helping to save a life.

Employers: Share this link with your drivers

What do the emergency services want you to do?

Traffic lights

Motorways & dual carriageways

There are eight more animations in the series…

Blue Light Aware 3

Where to stop

Blue Light Aware 5

Solid white lines

Blue Light Aware 6

Roundabouts & junctions

Blue Light Aware 9

Size matters

Blue Light Aware 4

Motorway incidents

Blue Light Aware 1

Smart motorways

Blue Light Aware 7

Slow down, move over

Blue Light Aware 10

Rolling road blocks

Blue Light Aware was created by


GEM Motoring Assist was established in 1932 as a road safety association. It’s been a trusted, independent breakdown assistance provider for more than 40 years.


The GEM Road Safety Charity exists to contribute to improving the safety of all road users by providing financial assistance to support innovative road safety projects.


Highways England operates, maintains and improves England’s motorways and major A roads.


Driving for Better Business is a Highways England programme to raise awareness of the benefits that employers can achieve from managing work-related driving more effectively.


England’s motorways and major A-roads form something called the Strategic Road Network – more than 4,300 miles of high speed road maintained and operated by Highways England.

It is one of the world’s most advanced road networks carrying 4 million road users every day, and 1 billion tonnes of freight every year. It is a vital part of our social and economic infrastructure, connecting people with communities, connecting workers with jobs, and helping businesses thrive.

When an incident stops traffic flowing, rest assured that one of our main objectives is to deal with the incident as quickly and safely as possible, to get the carriageway flowing freely again so you can resume your journey. Highways England’s CLEAR initiative shows how we collaborate with other emergency responders to achieve this.

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