South Mimms

The country’s network of motorways and major A roads – the Strategic Road Network operated and maintained by Highways England – is one of the safest road networks in the world yet there are still thousands of avoidable incidents each year. South Mimms is home to the Highways England Regional Control Centre just off the M1. We’ll look at the rules for driving on motorways and the incidents that have to be dealt with.

Safer driving on motorways

Whatever part of England’s motorway network you’re using, we want you to stay safe, follow the signs and keep us all moving.

England’s motorways connect people to families and friends, workers to jobs and businesses to their customers, which helps our nation thrive.

We want all drivers to have a safer, smoother journey. How you can help:

Keeping left is right

Keeping left is right

Keep left unless you’re overtaking, no matter how many lanes the motorway has.

Variable speed

Variable speed limits

Stay within the variable speed limit. It’s there to steady the flow of traffic or if there’s a hazard ahead.

Red X

Don’t ignore the red X

You or your loved ones may need the protection of a red X signal


Know what to do in a breakdown

Where you can: get left, get out of the flow of traffic, get safe and get help

Channel 5 produced an excellent 4 part documentary following the Highways England Traffic Officers as they dealt with typical incidents on the M1. You’ll be amazed at some of the things they have to deal with. Click the picture to watch again on Channel 5’s catch up service.

Channel 5 The Motorway
Know your traffic signs

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