Many police forces are now reporting that drug driving offences have overtaken drink driving – it is a massive problem and it appears to be growing. We talk through the issues surrounding impaired driving with the police and D.Tec, the company that provides the police with their roadside drug testing kits.

For more than 30 years, the Transport Accident Commission of Victoria in Australia has produced some of the world’s hardest-hitting road safety films – their anti drink drive film is one of the best.

See for yourself why ‘Everybody Hurts’ has been viewed on YouTube almost 20 million times!

Drivers: Remember that a drink or drug drive conviction will likely mean losing your job

Employers: Download these posters for your staff noticeboards

DTec Van Licence
DTec HGV Licence
DTec PSV Licence
Mail Online

Tragedy as two girls, aged 10 and 18 months, are orphaned after losing both their ‘utterly devoted’ parents in head-on crash with drugged-up van driver

Tackling drink- and drug-driving:
Guidance for fleet managers

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is one of the biggest killers on our roads. Employers have a legal, moral and social responsibility to ensure their drivers remain alcohol- and now, more importantly than ever, drug-free at the wheel – preventing crashes and promoting safe and sensible decision-making.

Tackling Drink Drug Driving

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