Towing can be extremely dangerous when not taken seriously. Freddie Hussey was just three years old when he was killed by a runaway trailer that became detached from its tow car, while 19 year old Harry Christian-Allan was killed when the brakes failed on the farm trailer he had been asked to tow.

There are many more similar examples. Police forces, working with the DVSA and HSE, regularly stop those are towing illegally – find out what they’re looking for and make sure you’re not making these common mistakes.

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Trailer and Towing Safety is urging all those who tow as part of their businesses to get involved with Project EDWARD.


Police Checks for Towing Offences

HE 3-2-Tow
NFU Trailer Check
NFU Vehicle Check
NFU Farm Business Transport

TILLY PASS checks suited to the particular machine.

Tilly Police Check

Agricultural trailers are not registered for road use in the UK, and unlike commercial trailers they are not subject to an annual Ministry of Transport (MOT) Test. This can result in trailers not being maintained correctly running in a dangerous and unroadworthy condition.

Tilly Pass is a comprehensive 18 point inspection carried out by authorised and fully qualified engineers. The Tilly Pass confirms the inspection has been passed and the trailer compliant.

The free #HeadtoTow App gives operators the chance to identify arising issues during the year period using daily checks suited to the particular machine.

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