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Did you know over 5 million MOTs were missed during lockdown? And that roughly a third are likely to fail at the first attempt? Keeping your vehicle well-maintained and roadworthy is not just a legal safety requirement, it’s essential for your business. Mechanical breakdowns mean your vehicle is out of action and your business can’t function. Milton Keynes is the HQ of Mercedes-Benz Vans who, earlier this year, collaborated with Driving for Better Business on a project to get drivers back to work safely, mitigating some unusual vehicle maintenance issues that had arisen as a direct result of the COVID-19 lockdown.


Haulage boss and mechanic jailed following 2015 tipper truck crash that killed four people in Bath


5.1 million vehicles missed their MOT test during lockdown including 1.2 million vans. Approximately a third of these would have typically failed at the first attempt meaning there could be 400,000 vans on the road with serious safety defects.

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Load Security & Overloading

Load securing: roles and responsibilities

Load security: how DVSA enforces the rules

Susan Russell was on her way to work when a lorry shed its load on the roundabout she was waiting to cross. Susan suffered devastating injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Load security: consequences of poor load security

Load securing: good practice

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