We’re at the UK headquarters of DriveTech, for a live webinar on helping drivers and managers reduce risk while on the road. There’ll be tips and advice to help drivers avoid some of the bigger risks in driving for work, as well as an understanding of what bosses are legally required to do to protect drivers while they’re at work – valuable information if any of your loved ones or friends drive for work.

DriveTech Webinar

We recorded Monday’s webinar on Driver Behaviour so, if you missed it, you can now watch it on demand.


DriveTech is providing a sneak preview of its new developing range of “Driver’s Mate” informational videos – intended to provide bite-size nudges to improve aspects of professional driver behaviour with their customers. Watch the two demo versions here.

#3: Vehicle Checks

#66 Seat Belt Common Myths

Do you ride a motorcycle for work or use one for commuting?

Motorcyclists account for 1% of the miles travelled on the UK roads, but because they lack the roll cages, the seat belt tensioners, the crumple zones and air bags, they make up between 18-25% of the deaths and serious injuries.


The DocBike charity combines a highly qualified (consultant level) doctor or critical care paramedic with two wheels to reduce deaths and serious injuries on our roads due to motorcycle collisions. Wherever possible, this doctor or paramedic also works on the local air ambulance. It is part of their every-day job, to treat and save the most severely injured and sick patients and help them to reach hospital alive. 

When motorcyclists are involved in a collision at speed, often the injuries are catastrophic, and no amount of medical care can save a person’s life. This is why a lot of the DocBike charity’s time is invested in preventing motorcyclist from being in a collision in the first place.

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Biker high vis

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Biker PPE

Know your traffic signs

#ProjectEDWARD Reporter Peter Baker talks to Ruth Purdie, Chief Executive of UKROEd – the UK’s national road offender education programme.

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