We would be delighted for you to help spread the word about #ProjectEDWARD by supporting us through your own channels.

We have prepared logo artwork, some suggested images and text for each day of the #ProjectEDWARD week of action, plus some additional images with a simple statement of support.

Images can be downloaded below

These can easily be input in advance and scheduled for each day. Images can be used on any platform and we have no issues with you adding your own wording to suit your individual audience and preferences.

In addition to our daily messages we encourage you to be creative! If you have a road safety message you want to share during our week of action then please post it – and don’t forget the #ProjectEDWARD hashtag!



Red and black logo
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Red Black White

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Clear background

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Daily Themes

Day 1: Monday 17th Oct
Driver Impairment

Day 1

Suggested text:
It’s #ProjectEDWARD week of action day 1 – Driver Impairment. Tackling drink and drug driving is a serious challenge. Join us today as we showcase some of the best work around the country tackling impaired drivers.

Day 2: Tuesday 18th Oct
Lifelong Learning

Day 2

Suggested text:
It’s #ProjectEDWARD week of action day 2 – When did you last take a course or undertake learning to improve your driving skills and/or familiarisation with new technology? Today we look at ‘lifelong learning’

Day 3: Wednesday 19th Oct
National Safe Speed Day

Day 3

Suggested text:
It’s #ProjectEDWARD week of action day 3 and National Safe Speed Day. We are highlighting the human cost of excessive speed and encouraging everyone to comply with the limits. #SafeSpeedDay

Day 4: Thursday 20th Oct

Day 4

Suggested text:
It’s #ProjectEDWARD week of action day 4 – Post Crash Response is the 5th pillar in the ‘Safe Systems’ approach to road safety. Today we will be highlighting best practice in this area.

Day 5: Friday 21st Oct
Emerging Trends

Day 5

Suggested text:
It’s #ProjectEDWARD week of action day 5 – Emerging Trends. We are looking at the very latest challenges and developments in road safety and how they will affect our roads in the future.

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