Agilysis has released a white paper that evaluates the current state of the Safe Systems approach in road safety in the UK. This report builds upon the results of the Safe System Capacity Survey published in 2022, with the aim of providing stakeholders with a better understanding of the current situation and what needs to be done to make progress toward a Safe System.

Professionals in the road safety sector have long recognised that improving safety for all road users is a social mission that is crucial for the betterment of society and sustainable mobility. The UK has recently begun to incorporate the Safe System approach into national road safety and transport policy, with the Department for Transport recognising it as a key priority in 2015.

To meet the UN target of halving road deaths and serious injuries by 2030, the UK needs to fully embrace the Safe System approach and work towards Vision Zero. This will require an honest appraisal of current performance and dialogue between all actors in the Safe System.

Tanya Fosdick, Research Director at Agilysis, notes that the Safe System Capacity Survey was the first step in understanding where the UK currently stands in terms of the Safe System approach.

The survey helped identify areas of focus where comprehensive efforts are being made, as well as gaps and vulnerabilities in the system that require attention. The white paper outlines the detailed findings, and the plan is to repeat the survey in the summer of 2023 to further explore the sector’s competencies in understanding, applying, and embedding Safe System principles and actions in road safety.