Press Release: 31 May 2023

London, UK – The Ace Cafe London is set to host a special event for the powered two-wheeled community, as it joins forces with Project EDWARD, the UK’s biggest platform for showcasing best practice in road safety, and Mental Health Motorbike, a national charity. The Motorcycle Awareness Day (M.A.D) at the Ace aims to promote safety and increased awareness among riders, reduce suicide rates and support the charity’s cause.

Set to take place on Sunday, June 4th, the forthcoming event is poised to cater to riders of all skill levels, ranging from novices to seasoned enthusiasts. With the proliferation of distractions such as mobile phone usage and the prevalence of satnavs, ensuring safety on the road has become increasingly crucial. To address this pressing concern, the Ace Cafe has partnered with esteemed road safety experts, including the National Highways, IAM, ROSPA, MAG, and the road safety partnership teams from the City of London. Our collaborative endeavour seeks to raise awareness about the urgent necessity of being more vigilant to hazards, given the rising prevalence of distracted road users.

Aside from promoting safety, M.A.D also aims to raise awareness for Mental Health Motorbike, a national charity that supports those struggling with mental health issues. As part of the event, attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about the charity and make donations to support its cause.

The event will feature various activities and workshops that cater to riders’ needs. Attendees can learn how to get the best from their bikes or scooters, from how to position themselves in traffic to the best tips of staying safe on the roads. There will also be a session from BikeSafe (A police-led motorcycle safety initiative) to raise the importance of progressing on to accredited post-test training.

Mark Wilsmore, Managing Director of Ace Cafe London explains: “We are thrilled to host the Motorcycle Awareness Day at the Ace and support Project EDWARD and Mental Health Motorbike. At the Ace, we always put safety first, and this event is a great opportunity for us to share our expertise with fellow riders and promote road safety. With the support of our partners, we hope to create a positive impact and make a difference in the riding community,”

Paul Oxborough, founder of Mental Health Motorbike said, “We are of looking forward to our charity being at the motorcycle awareness day at the Ace Cafe, working with road safety campaign Project EDWARD and other organisations – let’s make this a great event whilst looking after the welfare of our biking community and raising the importance of hazard awareness”

The Motorcycle Awareness Day at the Ace promises to be a day of safety, support, and charity, and a must-attend event for riders of all levels.

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Our work will continue to be guided by the Safe System and the goal of a road transport system free from death and serious injury. We will continue to provide a multi-stakeholder platform to celebrate the success that can follow from implementing the latest research. Working with like-minded partners from across different sectors, we will share good practices in road safety and spread the best ideas, both in the UK and in other parts of the world. As a result, we believe we can contribute to improving the quality of life for communities everywhere and making the roads safer.

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