Motorcycle Awareness Day [M.A.D] Ace Cafe London

The  @AceCafeLondonUK  in partnership with  @projectedward8679  hosted another engaging Motorcycle Awareness Day (M.AD) at its iconic venue in West London. The event was supported by  @NationalHighways  and attracted the following road safety partners  @mentalhealthmotorbike9166   @IamOrgUkgroup   @MAGUKCentralOffice  to engage with the public about motorbike safety.

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National Highways – Being seen as a rider

National Highways meets members of the public at Silverstone (British Super Bikes – April 2023) to help explain the importance of being seen as a rider.

Find out more information about being seen by following the “Know the Zones” campaign recently launched by National Highways.

Throughout this year, the Project EDWARD team will collaborate with National Highways and local road safety partnerships to conduct a series of casual engagement and discussion events at the beginning of the new motorcycle season.

With the support of National Highways and Police and Crime Commissioners, the organisers aim to welcome riders from all across the nation to multiple distinguished venues to celebrate the commencement of the new motorcycle season. The purpose of each event is to motivate all riders to contribute to decreasing the number of fatalities and serious injuries caused by road traffic incidents in the UK.


Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership

Beginning on Sunday, April 2nd, the activity will kick off at Caffeine & Machine, situated southeast of Stratford on the A422. The teams will then proceed to the British Super Bikes event at Silverstone on Sunday, April 9th.

Finally, on Sunday, June 4th, the journey will conclude in London at the Ace Cafe, close to Wembley. These events will allow visiting riders to explore some impressive new machinery and technology while exchanging thoughts on enhancing rider skills to minimise the chances of being involved in a collision.

National Highways BSB Silverstone

Representatives from BikeSafe, a police-led initiative for motorcycle safety, will be joining National Highways to emphasise the significance of advancing towards accredited post-test training. The road safety partnership teams from Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service will also be present with the “Hazard Express,” a virtual reality experience.

During the event, National Highways presented its most recent campaign regarding HGVs, which highlights that there are certain zones around these vehicles where their visibility is restricted. Therefore, it is important not to loiter around an HGV. If you find yourself behind an HGV, it is recommended to stay a safe distance back so that you have a clear view of the road ahead.

Do you want to be involved in our Road trip?

We would be very interested in developing partnerships with bike manufacturers and dealerships to help promote the safety features and technology associated with their products.

This offer also extends to clothing and equipment manufacturers who provide the much needed safety solutions for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).