We would appreciate your help in spreading the word about #ProjectEDWARD by using your own channels to support us. We have created logo artwork, suggested images, and text for each day of the #ProjectEDWARD week of action, as well as additional images with a simple statement of support.

You can download these images below and schedule them in advance for each day. Feel free to use them on any platform, and don’t hesitate to add your own wording to suit your audience and preferences.

In addition to our daily messages, we encourage you to get creative! If you have a road safety message that you want to share during our week of action, please post it and don’t forget to include the #ProjectEDWARD hashtag!



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Daily Themes

Day 1: Monday 15th May
Safe Roads

Suggested text:
It’s #ProjectEDWARD week of action day 1 – Safe Roads. Roads and roadsides are designed to reduce the risk of crashes and minimize the severity of any crashes that do occur. Take a moment to observe these measures such as separating different types of traffic, providing safe spaces for pedestrians and cyclists, and reducing speed limits.

Day 2: Tuesday 16th May
Safe Vehicles

Suggested text:
It’s #ProjectEDWARD week of action day 2 – Safe Vehicles. Vehicles are designed to protect occupants and other road users in the event of a crash. Take a moment to consider the measures you have available, such as electronic stability control, advanced braking systems, and side impact protection.

Day 3: Wednesday 17th May
Safe Speeds

Suggested text:
It’s #ProjectEDWARD week of action day 3 – National Safe Speeds Day. Speed limits are set to ensure that vehicles are traveling at safe speeds for the road environment. Take a moment to observe your speed, the road markings, and the infrastructure design.

Day 4: Thursday 18th May
Safe Road Users

Suggested text:
It’s #ProjectEDWARD week of action day 4 – Safe Road Users is the 4th component of the ‘Safe Systems’ approach to road safety. Road users are encouraged to behave safely and respectfully on the road. This can be supported by measures such as driver education and training, public awareness campaigns, and enforcement of traffic laws.

Day 5: Friday 19th May
Post-Crash Response 

Suggested text:
It’s #ProjectEDWARD week of action day 5 – Post-Crash Response. It is important to respond quickly and effectively to crashes to minimise the harm caused. Take a moment to appreciate the support of the teams providing emergency medical care, clearing the road quickly, and investigating the causes of the crash to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

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