Project EDWARD Postponed

With the sad news of the passing of Her Majesty The Queen, the Project EDWARD team, in conjunction with the organisers of the various associated events, have taken the decision to postpone the planned Week of Action.

It will now take place from 17-21 October

Details of the revised activities will be posted here as soon as they are confirmed.

Our thoughts are with the Royal Family at this time.

PE22 Theme

The Theme for 2022


The theme for Project EDWARD in 2022 is changing minds, changing behaviour. We will be focused on how to get road users to think differently about their trip and what a safe trip looks like.

  • Am I prepared for the journey?
  • Is my vehicle roadworthy?
  • Do I understand my vehicle’s safety features?
  • Am I fit to drive?
  • Am I up to date with changes in legislation?
  • Am I driving safely?
  • Am I travelling on the safest route?
Road Trip Map

Launch Event

We are planning that the 2022 campaign will be launched at a special event coinciding with the Commonwealth Games (28th July – 8th August).This will promote the potential of a future international reach for Project EDWARD.

Week of Action – Road Trip

The Project EDWARD week of action will take place from Monday 19th September to Sunday 25th September and be our most ambitious yet. The three legs of the road trip will criss-cross the country from Monday to Friday visiting the very best examples of road safety projects. Along the way, some of the most influential thought leaders in road safety will be invited to come along for the ride and join the team ‘on the road’ to share their insights and experience. In addition to the road trip stops, contributions will be coming in daily from all four corners of the United Kingdom as we feature projects from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

New for 2022

This year, we will be extending the road trip to a full seven days. As we head into the weekend of the 26th and 27th September, Project EDWARD will be featuring events focused on engaging motorcyclists including sports bikers, tourers, commuters and those engaged in the gig economy.

Podcasts and Webinars

From the 1st September we will be publishing an audio podcast each work day containing interviews with prominent and influential leaders in the world of road safety. During the week of action itself we will be broadcasting five special webinars focusing on the very best practice in developing, implementing and promoting a local vision zero road safety strategy that aligns with the Safe System featuring thought leaders and experts in a wide range of disciplines, including examples of good practice and advice on how to develop and improve your own strategy.

Daily broadcast streamed online

The highlights of each day will be a professionally edited and produced 30+ minute video review programme. The programme will be broadcast each evening, featuring activities and interviews from the road trip along with additional reports and footage submitted from partners in other areas in the country that the road trips weren’t able to visit. Each programme will be streamed live on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, and embedded on the website for those who wish to watch on demand. These videos will also be made available for partners to personalise and embed in their own websites.

Social Media

Throughout the day, progress reports featuring projects, partners and guests will be posted each day on the Project EDWARD social media channels to promote the evening broadcast.

In 2021, Project EDWARD posts achieved over 60 million impressions in the feeds of over 9 million social media users.

News Media

Campaign media packs will be produced for all partners and projects with hints and tips for making the most of your involvement in the 2022 campaign and engaging local news media. The Project EDWARD team will also be coordinating extensive PR activity at a national level.

PR activities during the 2021 week of action resulted in over 150 online news articles on national and regional websites, plus regional TV coverage on both BBC and ITV.

2021 Campaign Reach