Are We There Yet?

We’re pleased to announce that the Project EDWARD podcast has returned with the new title: Are we there yet?

For the forthcoming season, we are planning monthly episodes starting Friday 1 February and leading us up to the Week of Action on May.

We will be working hard on presenting content that’s sparkling and compelling – as well as on growing the audience, which we believe should primarily be those with a professional interest in road safety, transport planning, sustainability, active travel, future mobility, etc.

We are also keen to catch up with some of the kind folk who laid on brilliant events last year and who may be willing to provide an update.

You can assist on both counts, so please feel free to put yourself/colleagues/contacts forward as participants, and to share any ideas and do please subscribe and share when we get started.

We’ll be drawing up some themes to guide us through the series, and we can record via a good web platform, or in person if that suits you better.

So please let me know if you’d like to join an episode – and in particular the topic(s) where you feel you have something strong to contribute, and do please share this notice with any colleagues/contacts.

The recordings will be available wherever you normally get your podcasts, and links to all the recordings will also be available on this page as they are published.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Series 2 Episodes

Are We There Yet?

EPISODE 15: 14th October 2022

Are educational courses a viable alternative to prosecution?

Are We There Yet?

EPISODE 14: 30th September 2022

If your tyres don’t stop you, what will?

Are We There Yet?

EPISODE 13: 23rd September 2022

Driving for Better Business

Are We There Yet?

EPISODE 12: 16th September 2022

30 years of pushing for more driver education

Are We There Yet?

EPISODE 11: 9th September 2022

Fleet safety following Covid

Are We There Yet?

EPISODE 10: 2nd September 2022

Find out how technology is helping post-crash response

Are We There Yet?

EPISODE 9: 26th August 2022

The World Health Organisation discusses road safety

Are We There Yet?

EPISODE 8: 19th August 2022

The alarming truth about drug driving in the workplace

Are We There Yet?

EPISODE 7: 12th August 2022

How will Scotland achieve its zero road death vision for 2050?

Are We There Yet?

EPISODE 6: 5th August 2022

Should you be allowed to drive aged 108?

Are We There Yet?

EPISODE 5: 29th July 2022

Are graduated licences the best way forward?

Are We There Yet?

EPISODE 4: 22nd July 2022

Should driving at 163mph only result in a 56 day ban?

Are We There Yet?

EPISODE 3: 15th July 2022

Can virtual reality create safer drivers?

Are We There Yet?

EPISODE 2: 8th July 2022

What constitutes an effective post crash response?

Are We There Yet?

EPISODE 1: 1st July 2022

Here come the seatbelt sheriffs!

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