Show Notes

If your tyres don’t stop you, what will?

We are fast approaching the beginning of the 2022 Tyre Safety Month, in October, so who better to join us than Jason Simms the comms lead for TyreSafe – and Stuart Lovatt its new Chair. Jason and Stuart explain the importance of tyre maintenance and the need for greater public awareness.

We’re also delighted to be able to share a presentation by professor, Nick Reed. Nick has spent more than fifteen years at the sharp end of transportation research, and he talks to us about what do we seek from technology and mobility.

Project EDWARD (Every Day Without A Road Death) is an annual UK-wide road safety campaign backed by government, the emergency services, highways agencies, road safety organisations and British businesses.

The Campaign, Managed by Projects Zero, promotes an evidence-led, ‘safe system’ approach – the long-term objective of which is a road traffic system free from death and serious injury.

Our aim is to provide a platform that showcases some of the best work being done around the country to promote:

  • Safe Vehicles
  • Safe Road Use
  • Safe Speed
  • Safe Roads and Roadsides
  • Post Crash Care

For more information on the Safe System, visit:

You can find ProjectEDWARD in the following places: