Show Notes

The World Health Organisation discusses road safety

The World Health Organisations Regional Program Manager for Road Safety, Violence and Injury Prevention, Jonathon Passmore joins us to discuss how the WHO is tacking road safety, including:

  • Looking at where road policing can improve
  • How the lack of resources can lead to less enforcement of legislation
  • Different countries , different approaches

You can find the WHO here and Jonathon Passmore on Twitter.

We’re also joined by the Road Victims Trust’s Chief Executive, Mark Turner who speaks t us about the importance of the families voice, the difference between accidents and human error, and how the Road victims trust are helping.

You can find the Victims Trust here and Mark Turner on LinkedIn.

Lastly, we meet more of the Project EDWARD team: Becky Hadley ,Stuart Lovatt, Iain Temperton and Terry Cook.

Project EDWARD (Every Day Without A Road Death) is an annual UK-wide road safety campaign backed by government, the emergency services, highways agencies, road safety organisations and British businesses.

The Campaign, Managed by Projects Zero, promotes an evidence-led, ‘safe system’ approach – the long-term objective of which is a road traffic system free from death and serious injury.

Our aim is to provide a platform that showcases some of the best work being done around the country to promote:

  • Safe Vehicles
  • Safe Road Use
  • Safe Speed
  • Safe Roads and Roadsides
  • Post Crash Care

For more information on the Safe System, visit:

You can find ProjectEDWARD in the following places: