Project EDWARD is being reborn for 2020. Project EDWARD was previously run by the European Police network TISPOL and stood for European Day Without A Road Death. The British-headquartered TISPOL has since rebranded as ROADPOL and will be based in Germany.

Project EDWARD was the brainchild of James Luckhurst, a Fellow of the Association for Road Risk Management (ARRM) and it is ARRM that will will now pick up the baton and help to manage the 2020 campaign which will focus those who drive for work. The campaign will be delivered in association with Police forces across the UK as well as Highways England through their Driving for Better Business Campaign. It will also support the One Road, One Week campaign of police enforcement activity to be held 14th – 18th September.

The usual road trip has been replaced due to COVID-19 by a ‘virtual’ week-long triple road trip which will visit road risk specialists and projects as it criss-crosses the country, publishing videos, quizzes, tips, information and interviews from stops along the way.

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